My Love Is Like…

-This post was inspired by, and written with help from my friend, Ifeanyi "Lizzy baby" McDubus My love is like a box of goodies which contains everything you could ever want or need. It'd pure, sincerely, loyal, honest, and complete. I'm not overselling myself. I know this is true, because whenever I love, I'm all in.… Continue reading My Love Is Like…

Big Dreams of the Little Village Girl

​She dreams of being a big woman someday, Driving big cars, and building big houses, Like the men who come to the village during Christmas. She’d always wondered why it was so. Why did big men build giant mansions in the village, Only to live in it for two to three weeks a year? “When… Continue reading Big Dreams of the Little Village Girl

I Hope Karma Pays You A Visit

​I loved you, and you hurt me. She loved you, and you hurt her. We loved you, we cared for you. We trusted you, we let you in. You sold us lies and dreams,  And we were too eager to buy them. You could not have cared less about it, however. You treated us in… Continue reading I Hope Karma Pays You A Visit

…On Balance in Relationships

Im not one to give relationship advice, but as they say, "you live and you learn". I'm just going to share some of my views. I've learnt the hard way that, in relationships you don't have to complain about everything. I mean, you can talk about something you want done, or bring up an issue… Continue reading …On Balance in Relationships


As an average Nigerian, you must have gone through a number of “na me fuck up” moments. Let me share one of my “na me fuck up-est” moments with you guys. Actually, they’re a series of moments. Looking back now, I just r egret the decisions I made. But, oh well, lesson learnt. I was… Continue reading ​STORY TIME: MY EXPERIENCE WITH PONZI SCHEMES


Applying hair creams before combing my afro used to be a real chore. This is because my hair is tough when it’s dry, and combing becomes an Herculean task if I don’t soften my hair before combing. I used Nature’s Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturizer and Nature’s Gentle Touch Leave-In Conditioner to soften, and Palmer’s… Continue reading ​MAKING YOUR OWN HAIR SPRAY


So y’all know how ‘pronunciation’ is spelt ‘P R O N U N C I A T I O N’, right? Well, I didn’t know till I was in S.S. 2, when I was in a spelling bee competition at school. I always thought it was ‘P R O N U N C I A… Continue reading STORY TIME : THE TIME AN EIGHT-YEAR OLD TAUGHT ME THE SPELLING OF ‘PRONOUNCE’